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Every year I don’t get to go to Rolex a piece of me dies.




Zenyatta and Cozmic One. 


Kisses for Muma!

Going out to barn today to ride Finn. Might ask trainer if I can get on and start him today and see what she says. I think I’m gonna need to get guided on starting him now since in a few weeks I’ll be free to ride him on my own.


knees up over the wide water fence bud!


A horse vending machine…

this is amazing



5 away from 200!
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If you don’t think my barn is pretty you’re wrong ok

Trainers ride for the week: “Pal”
When people say western/dressage riders in helmets annoy them….





Excuse me for using a western saddle and a helmet. God forbid I don’t want to get BRAIN DAMAGE.
the amount of times my helmet has saved me is enough proof.


Okay guys. I need your help. Well Atleast advice.
I was invited to go to a clinic but that would mean I would have to go to the principal to move my finals up a day because we would be leaving on my last day of school.
So should I. And like what would I say?

I’d shoot for it! I would just go talk to my principal and say that you have a great opportunity to attend a clinic to improve ur riding career but that in order to participate you’d have to take your finals a day early. Tell him you’re more than capable of takin them early if it’s possible w the school.

Just be polite but secure about it! I did this a lot moving tests and quizzes in hs to spend a week in Florida over the spring so feel free to message me!


I miss summer :(








Hunter/Jumpers are NOT allowed to shit on Saddle Seat riders until they can figure out how to put their saddles on correctly.

Um, no. I’m not aware of/part of whatever rivalry is going on here (probably because I’ve dabbled in nearly every discipline there is)…

a) if you wanted more front leg action you would want to shift your weight back


c) if your saddle is too far forward you are pinching the shoulder muscles against the scapula. (Trapezius, Longisso,us Cervious, Semispinalis Capitus, Longissimus, Iliocostalls, Rhomboids, Deltoids, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor…and a bunch of small ones) these muscles ALL connect right in the area your saddle pinches when it is too far forward. some of them run into the neck, if they are pinched your horse will not be able to collect correctly. some of them run into the back, this can create hollow backed horses, and most of them are in the shoulder, restricting the movement. Imagine how well those horses could jump if they have full ROM in their shoulders.

Source: I am an Equine Masseuse, I know more anatomy than I would ever like to admit. I am CONSTANTLY working out problems. knots, and ropey tissue from this area of hunter jumpers (I am more than willing to post my massage notes if you don’t believe me.) I have formal training in  Saddleseat, Hunter Jumper, Hunter Under Saddle, Western, Carriage Driving, and Dressage (mainly the Morgan Horse show circuit)

Edit: I’d like to add this is ALL disciplines, not just one.

This has got to be a joke. No one ever had a problem with where you put your saddle. Don’t know about you, but I don’t sore my hunter so ya. There’s also this magical thing called having your saddle fit. Can’t say my horse would be hunky dory with jumping if I was crushing his withers all the time but good try. The saddles are created differently for a reason, to serve their purpose and keep the horse comfortable.

again, I MASSAGE THESE HORSES even with the fancy saddle fitter MOST hunters pull their saddles too far forward. I own two, I know how they fit. I have been trained in saddle fitting as well. I don’t sore ANYTHING nor did I mention soring ever.

in this photo the saddle is too far forward. restricting the shoulder movement.

this saddle is correctly on her back, no restricting the shoulder.

Lol guys fancy saddle fit or not doesn’t mean it’s going on right. I know I pull mine too far forward (eventer here) but mostly bc on Finn it slides to it’s proper place after a lunge.
I like how everyone is having a shit fit over this

Knocking another discipline down PROBABLY isn’t the best way to defend yours

Really don’t think @ponies-in-the-housewas knocking any one just making an observation that so many people are quick to attack disciplines w bad images but then don’t realize that they’re actually doing things harmful to their horse as well