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bayrab sent: My horse and I will be getting back into riding after 6+ weeks off due to rider injury. How do I go about getting us both back into the swing of things while preventing tendon or muscle injury?

If he hasn’t done anything at all in the time you’ve been off I would go very slowly almost as if you’re rehabbing him. Do a lot of work in the walk your first few rides back and get him back flexing and listening to your aids. Then start adding in trotting for 5-10 mins, nothing super strenuous.

You can build up trotting time and then difficulty of exercises as you both gain strength. Don’t do any super small circles, leg yields, etc for a bit and build your way up to the canter after you’ve been trotting for 25-30 mins straight. Just listen to yourself and your horse. If he’s still feeling weak and you’ve been at 15min for a week give him some more time and just do more exercises in the 15 min! That being said 6 weeks isn’t super long and you can probably be back in decent work in about a month since he wasn’t injured! Just play around with him Enjoy getting back into work can’t imagine being off that long!!

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koalabear113 sent: how many years have you been riding?

I’m about to turn 21 and I’ve been riding since I was 3. So 18 years!

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Caledon National
Palgrave 2014
Fine Point Photography

by Keith Barraclough

So yeah he’s not fully submissive and there’s not a lot of reach in his step in this pic, but I can see he’s starting to carry himself and he’s not pulling down at all in this pic which is huge for Finn!!


He is perfect I could not have a more gorgeous horse.

if anyone has a taggcode bracelet in green (the band one not the stringy one) do you have a pic? i wanna see what it looks like in real life b.c. the pix on the site are really misleading as far as color and if the green is nice i might do that instead of black down the line

acreatureofhope sent: i know somebody with the lorenzinis and she absolutely loves hers.

ahh really? that’s good they’re super expensive but they look really cool and like they’d be awesome to ride in





stop it, i need special stirrups for my knee

idk if these are good for that like the first ones i posted but these look like they’d feel amazing to ride in. sometimes with the thicker stirrups like the first pair i feel like it’s harder to get my heel down. but i think these looks really elegant in silver ughh

I just want to have a bunch of stirrups so I can like..change them out for how i’m feeling for the day ya feel me. like…these are my sassy saturday stirrups

I lost it at ‘Sassy Saturday Stirrups’. Please make this a thing.

i’m going to make a gofundme so i can raise money to experience these stirrups like really